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 Scientific Instruments and their Uses  – Hello Friends, Nowadays in almost all government and non-government competitive examinations General Knowledge (GK) related questions are being asked. Here, We have collected important topics related to General Knowledge (GK) which have been asked in various competitive exams like Bank, SSC, Railway, UPSC.

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Here we are providing you a list of Scientific Instruments and their Uses. Question related to Scientific Instruments and their Uses are generally asked in various competitive examinations. Please check below given list of Scientific Instruments and their Uses, It will surely help you to score more in your competitive examination.

S. No. Instrument Use
1. Altimeter It measures altitudes and is used in aircrafts.
2. Ammeter It measures strength of electric current (in ampere).
3. Audiometer It measures intensity of sound.
4. Barometer It measures atmospheric pressure.
5. Binocular It is used to view distant objects.
6. Cardiogram It traces movements of the heart, recorded on a cardiograph.
7. Dynamo It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
8. Dynamometer It measures electrical power.
9. Electrometer It measures electricity.
10. Fathometer It measures the depth of the ocean.
11. Hydrometer It measures the specific gravity of liquids.
12. Hydrophone It measures sound under water.
13. Lactometer It determines the purity of milk.
14. Manometer It measures the pressure of gases.
15. Microphone It converts the sound waves into electrical vibrations and to magnify the sound.
16. Microscope It is used to obtain magnified view of small objects.
17. Odometer An instrument by which the distance covered by wheeled vehicles is measured.
18. Periscope It is used to view objects above sea level (used in sub – marines).
19. Radar It is used for detecting the direction and range of an approaching plane by means of radio microwaves.
20. Radiometer It measures the emission of radiant energy.
21. Spectrometer It is an instrument for measuring the energy distribution of a particular type of radiation.
22. Stethoscope An instrument, which is used by the doctors to hear and analyse heart and lung sounds.
23. Tachometer an instrument used in measuring speeds of aero planes and motor boats.
24. Telescope It views distant objects in space.

This is just for information purpose and to avoid curiosity of many competitive examination aspirants. This information is a part of GK Notes. I tried my level best to make it accurate but still if you find anything wrong in this list then you please feel free to notify us. You please just comment in the below comment box, We will do it correct as soon as possible.

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