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MCQSeries.com is an online competitive examination forum for multiple choice questions (MCQs), Short Notes & Interview Questions and Answers preparation. In short mcqseries.com is a place where you can find all exam related questions and answers.


We are Engineering Graduates & Tutor & Techie. Our main area of interest is Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering & Computer Science.


Our aim is to make all the topics more simple and easy to understand, So that it will help students to learn things easily & quickly in limited amount of time. we have also provided the short notes & Interview Questions & Answers, which will really help aspirants in their exam preparation.

This forum would be really-really helpful for those candidates who are preparing for examination conducted by Union public service commission (like Civil services examination, Engineering services examination, National defence academy, Combined defence services, etc.), Staff selection commission (like Combined graduate level, Junior engineer, Combined Higher Secondary Level etc.), various public sector units (like DRDO, DMRC, BARC, BSNL, ONGC, etc.), Graduate aptitude test in engineering, Indian institute of technology entrance examination etc. and many other national and state level examination.

This forum will be helpful for whom who want to make career in the field of engineering or have completed ITI, Diploma in Engineering, Engineering Degree. This forum will specially beneficial for those students who are preparing at home or can not join any coaching due to any reason. Here you will find all information at one place for exam preparation.

Any query related to MCQ Series will be solved as soon as possible so that you can continue your study very well. If you have any query you just send us we will provide help and support as soon as possible. Please contact us here.

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