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 Computer Abbreviations  – Hello Friends, Nowadays in almost all government and non-government competitive examinations General Knowledge (GK) related questions are being asked. Here, We have collected important topics related to General Knowledge (GK) which have been asked in various competitive exams like Bank, SSC, Railway, UPSC.

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Here we are providing you a list of Computer Abbreviations. Question related to Computer Abbreviations are generally asked in various competitive examinations. Please check below given list of Computer Abbreviations, It will surely help you to score more in your competitive examination.

S. No. Abbreviations Computer Terms
1. HP Hewlett Packard
2. IBM International Business Machine
3. ARPANET Advanced Research Project Agency Network
4. GPRS General Packet Radio Service
5. VIRUS Vital Information Resource Under Seiged
6. USB Universal Serial Bus
7. URL Uniform Resource Identifier
8. ISP Internet Service Provider
9. HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
10. GUI Graphical User Interface
11. DAT Digital Audio Tape
12. CRT Cathode Ray Tube
13. LCD Liquid Crystal Display
14. LED Light Emitting Diode
15. DVD Digital Versatile Disk
16. CD Compact Disk
17. WML Wireless Markup Language
18. XMF Extensible Music File
19. WBMP Wireless Bitmap
20. SWF Shock Wave Flash
21. WAV Waveform Audio
22. PNG Portable Network Graphics
23. PDF Portable Document Format
24. HTML Hypertext Markup Language
25. RTS Real Time Streaming
26. AMR Adaptive Multi-Rate
27. MP3 MPEG Audio Layer III
28. 3GP 3rd Generation Project
29. GIF Graphical Interchangeable Format
30 JAD Java Application Descriptor

This is just for information purpose and to avoid curiosity of many competitive examination aspirants. This information is a part of GK Notes. I tried my level best to make it accurate but still if you find anything wrong in this list then you please feel free to notify us. You please just comment in the below comment box, We will do it correct as soon as possible.

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