Logic Families – IQ – 1

1. Give the classification of logic families ?
Classified of logic families is as follows :

2. Classify the logic family by operation ? 
The Bipolar logic family is classified into :
(1) Saturated logic 
(2) Unsaturated logic
The RTL, DTL, TTL, I2L, HTL logic comes under the saturated logic family. 
The Schottky TTL, and ECL logic comes under the unsaturated logic family. 

3. State the classifications of FET devices ?
FET is classified as :
(1) Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET) 
(2) Metal oxide semiconductor family (MOS)

4. Mention the classification of saturated bipolar logic families ?
The bipolar logic family is classified as follows :
(1) RTL – Resistor Transistor Logic 
(2) DTL – Diode Transistor logic 
(3) I2L – Integrated Injection Logic 
(4) TTL – Transistor Transistor Logic 
(5) ECL – Emitter Coupled Logic

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