Multivibrators – IQ – 1

Multivibrators » IQ – 1

1. What is a multivibrator ?
Multivibrators are a group of regenerative circuits that are used extensively in timing applications. It is a wave shaping circuit which gives symmetric or asymmetric square output. It has two states stable or quasi- stable depending on the type of multivibrator.

2. What is an astable multivibrator ?
Astable multivibrator is a free running oscillator having two quasi-stable states. Thus, there is an oscillation between these two states and no  external signal is required to produce the change in state.

3. What is a monostable multivibrator ?
Monostable multivibrator is one which generates a single pulse of  specified duration in response to each external trigger signal. It has only one stable state. Application of a trigger causes a change to the quasi-stable state. An external trigger signal generated due to charging and discharging of the capacitor produces the transition to  the original stable state.

4. What is a bistable multivibrator ?
Bistable multivibrator is one that maintains a given output voltage level unless an external trigger is applied. Application of an external trigger signal causes a change of state, and this output level is maintained indefinitely until a  second trigger is applied. Thus, it requires two external triggers before it returns to its initial state.

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