Laser – Notes – 1 – 1

1. Laser is an acronym that stands for a light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.

2. Laser is essentially an optical amplifier producing highly directional, monochromatic and coherent light.

3. Principle of Laser : The basic principle of the laser action is that of stimulated emission.

4. Today laser and laser system find wide use in computers, navigation, holography, communication, medicine, surgery, long distance measurements etc.

5. Excitation Potential : It may be defined as the minimum energy required to raise an atom, from one energy level to another.

6. Ionisation Potential : Ionisation is the process of removing an electron from the outer most orbit of an atom. The ionisation potential may be defined as the minimum accelerating potential that  would remove an electron from outermost orbit.

7. Characteristics of Laser : Laser is an acronym that stands for light amplification by stimulated mission of radition. It is a device used for producing highly and strongly monochromatic, intense and cohrent, beam of light.

(1) Directionality : The conventional light source emits radiations in all the directions but laser emits radiations only in one direction. They have high degree of beam directionality.
(2) Monochromaticity : This is the most important property of laser light. A light of single wave length is called monochromaticity.
(3) Coherence : A coherence is a measure of degree of phase correlation that exist in the radiation field of a light source at different location and different times.
(4) Intensity : Light from a lamp almost uniformly spreads in all the directions. Laser gives out light into a narrow beam and its energy is concentrated in a small region and therefore its intensity is very high.

8. Applications of Laser : The Laser is of high application in several fields like industry, communication, medicine etc. The most important application of laser are given below :

(1) Measuring Distance
(2) Laser Welding
(3) Cutting
(4) Drilling
(5) Allignment
(6) Medical
(7) Communication
(8) Scientific Research
(9) Entertainment

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