Introduction to Data Communications – Notes – 1

Computer Network :
Computer refers to information tool, and network describes how the computers exchange that information.

Network is a set of devices (often referred as nodes) connected by communication links. It consists of two or more computers that are linked in order to share resources, exchange files, or allow electronic communications.

Computer Network Classification :

1. By Physical Size :
(1) LAN – local area network
(2) MAN – metroplolitan area network
(3) WAN – Wide Area Network

2. By Topology : 
(1) Bus topology
(2) Star toplogy
(3) Ring topology
(4) Mesh topology

Extended network topologies :
(1) Tree Topology
(2) Hybrid Topology

3. By Security :
(1) Network based on workgroups.
(2) Network based on servers

4. By Network Architecture :
(1) Ethernet
(2) Token Ring
(3) Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) networks

5. By Network Protocol :
(1) Internet Protocol (IP)
(2) Internet Packet Exchange (IPX)
(3) Systems Network Architecture (SNA)
(4) AppleTalk Networks

Application/Uses of Computer Network :
1. Sharing of Resources
2. Sharing of information
3. Person-to-person communication
4. E-business/ online business
5. Online Games/ Interactive entertainment

Computer Network Advantages :
1. Speed
2. Cost-effective
3. Security
4. Software management centralization
5. Sharing of resources
6. Electronic mail
7. Flexible Access
8. Workgroup Computing

Computer Network Disadvantages :
1. It is expensive to install
2. It requires Administrative Time
3. The server may fail

Introduction to Data Communications – Mcq
Introduction to Data Communications – Notes
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