Logic Families – IQ – 3

15. What are the types of TTL logic ? 
(1) Open collector output 
(2) Totem-Pole Output 
(3) Tri-state output. 

16. List the different versions of TTL ?
(1) TTL (Std.TTL)      
(2) LTTL (Low Power TTL) 
(3) HTTL (High Speed TTL)    
(4) STTL (Schottky TTL) 
(5) LSTTL (Low power Schottky TTL) 

17. How schottky transistors are formed and state its use ?  
A schottky diode is formed by the combination of metal and semiconductor. The presence of schottky diode between the base and the collector prevents the transistor from going into saturation. The resulting transistor is called as schottky transistor. The use of schottky transistor in TTL decreases the propagation delay without a sacrifice of power dissipation.

18. Why totem pole outputs cannot be connected together. 
Totem pole outputs cannot be connected together because such a connection might produce excessive current and may result in damage to the devices. 

19. State advantages and disadvantages of TTL ?
Advantages :
(1) Easily compatible with other ICs.
(2) Low output impedance.
Disadvantages :
(1) Wired output capability is possible only with tristate and open collector types. 
(2) Special circuits in Circuit layout and system design are required. 

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