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Practical Antennas – 1 – 4

16. If the length of a Hertz dipole is decreased :

(a) its resonant frequency will be lowered its distributed inductance will be increased
(b) its distributed inductance will be decreased
(c) its resonant frequency will be increased
(d) its distributed capacitance between the antenna and ground will be increased



17. A simple half-wavelength antenna radiates the strongest signal.

(a) at 45 degrees to its axis
(b) parallel to its axis
(c) at right angles to its axis
(d) at 60 degrees to its axis



18. How is it possible to lower the resonant frequency of Hertz dipole antenna ?

(a) by reducing the frequency at the transmitter
(b) by connecting a capacitor in series with the antenna
(c) by the connecting a resistor in series with the antenna
(d) by connecting an inductor in series with the antenna



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