Logic Families – IQ – 2

5. Mention the important characteristics of digital IC’s ? 
Important characteristics of digital IC’s are as follows :
(1) Fan out 
(2) Power dissipation 
(3) Propagation Delay 
(4) Noise Margin 
(5) Fan In 
(6) Operating temperature 
(7) Power supply requirements 

6. Define Fan-out ? 
Fan out specifies the number of standard loads that the output of the gate can drive with out impairment of its normal operation. 

7. Define power dissipation ? 
Power dissipation is measure of power consumed by the gate when fully driven by all its inputs. 

8. What is propagation delay ? 
Propagation delay is the average transition delay time for the signal to propagate from input to output when the signals change in value. It is expressed in ns. 

9. Define noise margin ? 
It is the maximum noise voltage added to an input signal of a digital circuit that does not cause an undesirable change in the circuit output. It is expressed in volts. 

10. Define fan in ? 
Fan in is the number of inputs connected to the gate without any degradation in the voltage level. 

11. What is Operating temperature ? 
All the gates or semiconductor devices are temperature sensitive in nature. The temperature in which the performance of the IC is effective is called as operating temperature. Operating temperature of the IC vary from 00C to 700c.

12. What is High Threshold Logic ? 
Some digital circuits operate in environments, which produce very high noise signals. For operation in such surroundings there is available a type of DTL gate which possesses a high threshold to noise immunity. This type of gateis called HTL logic or High Threshold Logic. 

13. When does the noise margin allow digital circuits to function properly ?
When noise voltages are within the limits of VNA(High State Noise Margin) and VNK for a particular logic family. 

14. What happens to output when a tristate circuit is selected for high impedance ?
Output is disconnected from rest of the circuits by internal circuitry. 

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