Current Affairs Quiz – 7 October 2016

1.  “World Teacher’s Day” is observed every year on :

(a) 4 Oct
(b) 5 Oct
(c) 6 Oct
(d) 7 Oct


2. What is the theme of 2016 “World Teachers’ Day” ?

(a) Future of the world, teachers are the creater
(b) Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status
(c) Empowering teachers, building sustainable societies
(d) None of these


3. Which of the following countries has recently hit by the powerful Typhoon Chaba ?

(a) Japan
(b) Taiwan 
(c) China
(d) Indonesia


4. Which committee has been constituted to examine causes of vacant seats in IITs, NITs ?

(a) Kalyan Mathur committee
(b) Devanagari Banerji committee
(c) Akhil Khakhar committee
(d) Partha Pratim Chakraborty committee 


5. Who is the author of the book “Modi’s Midas Touch in Foreign Policy” ?

(a) Vijay  Pakash
(b) Raghuvir singh
(c) Surendra Kumar 
(d) Avinash khsyap


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