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Comprehension Ability – 1 – 1

DIRECTIONS : (Question no. 1 to 3) Read the passage and answer the question based on it. Passage :
There is a widely held but mistaken belief that meetings are for solving problems and making decisions. For a start, the number of people attending a meeting tends to be inversely proportional to their collective ability to reach conclusions and make decisions. And these are least important elements. Instead hours are spent in side issues, playing elaborate games with one another.

1. According to author, meetings :

(a) Are a waste of time 
(b) Help to solve problems 
(c) Are a form of playing elaborate games 
(d) Allow decisions to be made



2. The words that show that many people believe meetings are important are :

(a) Widely held 
(b) Collective ability
(c) Number of people 
(d) Solving problems



3. The author believes in the sanctity of holding meetings for :

(a) Practical values 
(b) Transactional Features 
(c) Collective opinion 
(d) Decision Making 



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